Edited  by M. W. Anderson

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"Whether fiction or nonfiction, the unsettling pieces in The Last Pentacle of the Sun speak plainly and eloquently about the price of fear and the cost of ignorance."  -- Stewart O'Nan

The Last Pentacle of the Sun:

Writings in Support of the West Memphis 3

Edited by M. W. Anderson & Brett Alexander Savory

Featuring written works by:

Peter Straub ~ Joe Berlinger ~ Bruce Sinofsky ~ Burk Sauls ~ John Pelan

 Margaret Cho ~ Caitlin R. Kiernan & Poppy Z. Brite ~ Philip Jenkins

Paul Tremblay ~ Michael Marano ~ Michael Oliveri ~ Adam Roberts

David Niall Wilson & Adam Greene ~ Peg Aloi ~ James Morrow

Gary A. Braunbeck ~ Stephen Dedman ~ Brian Hodge ~ Bentley Little

 Simon Logan ~ Gerard Houarner ~ Elizabeth Massie

Mara Leveritt ~ Scott Nicholson

Featuring drawings by Clive Barker & photos by Grove Pashley

Check out my Co-editor's "Last Pentacle" page here:

Coming in October 2004 from Arsenal Pulp Press




An Anthology of Very Short Horror Fiction

Edited by M. W. Anderson


MicroSHOCKS has been picked up by Scrybe Press!  While many details have yet to be worked out, the completed manuscript will run about 50,000 words, and the pay rate will be $.01/word.  I have retained all original submissions, so I'll be contacting authors who submitted their tales last year.  PLEASE DO NOT QUERY about your story--if your work is selected, I'll contact you to see if it is still available.  If need be, I'll reopen for submissions--but it's impossible to tell just yet.  Hang in there, and watch this space for more information.


Obscure Visions

Proposed by M. W. Anderson

(was to be published by 3F Publications)

Will this anthology ever materialize?  Hard to say...though several talented authors signed on for this project,

3F Publications' demise left me with little hope of this anthology's survival.  However, I will continue to market this anthology to publishers, and if I can find a new home for OV, I'll contact previously invited authors and post guidelines & info on this site and at

A Note for potential publishers:

A brief thematic synopsis is available.  Email me at: