Acidic Critique

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This literal latte amounts to no more than

putrid grounds of grotesque mental expresso

formulated to intimidate lesser tweety-birds

and stifle their flights of fancy into

the higher realms of self-important flatulence

cut to the chase and call it a brain fart

discriminating snobs on parade


This gothic death dirge amounts to no more than

a bad grammar brain torture of septic prose

formulated to lick the brain of destitute deviants

and feed their loathsome bloodstain-ink blots

words wallowing in mutilated gore-muck

cut to the chase and call it a morbid-word montage

loser goons on parade


This overwrought flippant fluff amounts to no more than

mutant musings of sex-starved fat girls with big hair

formulated to tweak the hormones of the pubescent

and lead horny house wives of low moral character astray

leading to the purchase of battery operated devices

cut to the chase and call it sugar-coated soft porn

the morally corrupt on parade


This sociopathic techno-speak amounts to no more than

Lame futuristic shoot’em-up character posturing

formulated to pump up the egos of socially challenged

four-eyed pocket-protector wearing know-it-alls

comic book heroes rambling through a cacophony of techno-blather

cut to the chase and call it IQ masturbation fantasy

dateless engineers on parade


This mind-shrinking fairytale amounts to no more than

a barely readable anti-plot littered with regurgitated simpletons

formulated to function as the daily primer of the delusional

spiritually desolate seekers sucked into the ravings of a self styled guru

additional wallet-emptying audio tapes available for the truly gullible

cut to the chase and call it sad but profitable idiocy

the cluelessly-devoted on parade


This pitifully paltry poetry amounts to no more than

the wasted time of a wannabe published poet

formulated to take up empty mind-space

while pissing-off as many genre mongers as possible

rejected word-warping psycho-babble brain fodder

cut to the chase and call it a bad attitude

the belligerent on parade

copyright 2000, M. W. Anderson